ESG Information

ESG at Unity

We are committed to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) in order to positively shape the world, and the environment, which includes Unity employees, customers, shareholders and potential creators.

We are in the process of conducting our materiality assessment and aligning with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and Sustainability Accounting Board (SASB) frameworks so that we may better understand our current position and opportunities for us to reach our goals in the future. 

Environment (E)

We believe that Unity is the platform to create, communicate, and cultivate a more sustainable world. We foster a culture of sustainability to reduce our environmental impacts while supporting Unity’s growth to thrive in a changing world. Our current efforts include:

  • Empowering employees to practice sustainability through raising awareness, building a community for sustainability at Unity, and providing opportunities for individuals to take action

  • Setting targets and implementing sustainable business practices in our operations to reach those targets

  • Establishing policies and guidelines to operationalize our environmental sustainability goals throughout our value chain

  • Empowering customers and partners to shrink their environmental footprints through Unity products and services

  • Leveraging the Unity Charitable Fund to support on-the-ground positive environmental impact through research, storytelling, and solutions.

Social (S)

Change happens when all voices are heard. That’s why we’re investing our technology, talent, and funds into making Unity education more accessible, creating inclusive economic opportunities for underrepresented creators, advancing real-time 3D for sustainability, and maximizing the impact that their work has on local communities and the world. Our current programs include:

  • Education and Economic Opportunity for All: Over the last few years, Unity has contributed our products, technology, and expertise to more than 400,000 students and teachers every year.

  • Charitable Giving. At the inception of Unity Social Impact, we created the Unity Charitable Fund to provide the financial mechanism to bring our goals to fruition. The fund was created with 750,000 shares of Unity equity. To name a few grantees, this year we selected The Black Realities Creative Grant, Urban Arts Partnership, Gameheads, Games for Change, Generation, Lual Mayen Foundation, Raspberry Pi Foundation, among others. 

  • Responsive Giving. Often provided in the case of a disaster or humanitarian crisis, responsive giving enables us to support employees and the communities they live and work in during times of need. 

You can learn more about our social impact efforts here.

Corporate Stewardship & Governance (G)

Unity is deeply committed to an inclusive workplace and governance approach grounded in our values of empathy, respect and opportunity. We invest in programs to support our employees to bring their best selves to work. In the last year, we established 5 Employee Resource Groups, launched Well at Unity to support the well-being of our employees, and in 2021, we launched our Employee Giving Program with the goal of creating a culture of giving at Unity by guiding employees to meaningful volunteer and giving opportunities that fuel a sense of purpose. Unity also values and is committed to the independence and diversity of our Board. Our efforts include: 

  • Volunteer Time-Off: Unity employees receive 20 annual hours of volunteer time off (VTO) that they may use to give back to their communities and the causes that matter to them most.

  • Matching Donations: Unity offers up to $500 USD per employee, per year in matching donations for employees who donate to organizations that advance work in our three focus areas: education and inclusive economic opportunity, environment and sustainability, and digital health and well-being.

  • Data & Privacy: We understand that creative assets, performance, and user data are critical to our customers’ businesses. We devote considerable resources to our security program, regularly testing the security of user assets utilized by our services, and developing easy-to-use features that content creators can leverage to enhance the security of their creative products.